Final Project Results

After 4 years

upercapacitors have been evaluated through the following tests: Cyclic voltammetry, Activation phase, Capacitive behavior, Chrono-amperometry (CA), Long term galvanostatic: 1000 / 10000 cycles.

ultiscale modelling predicts that graphene reinforced composite has better mechanical properties as compared to GO or rGO reinforced composite at a similar weight percentage of reinforcement.

erospace application tested the change of the impression after the heating/cooling process to assess the response of the shape memory interlayer percentage of reinforcement”, with something more representative for the project.

ecycling and reclamation of CFRPs reinforcement was achieved from thermoset polymers through pyrolysis and thermoplastics within SmartFan were tested on their reprocessing for 3D printing filament production applications.

hermally responsive fan prototypes were developed using continuous fiber 3D printing and custom toolpath generating algorithms.

it for potential industrial production is the characteristic which has been conferred to the Latene + 5% CNT compound. Studies consider it completely OK from a safety point of view for fan wheel application.

ging protocols considered in the project (T+H: temperature + humidity, UV: ultraviolet) have been concluded that a slight effect has been observed in the mechanical properties for the UV aging (reduction of around 10 %) while no influence has been evidenced for the T+H aging of the material.

anocomposites and carbon fiber (CFs) reinforced polymers (CFRPs) presented an increased tensile strength of 8.5 and 12.8% for CFs sized with CNTs and CNFs respectively.